Concrete measures to preserve CBC/Radio-Canada heritage artefacts

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 – With construction work on the new Maison de Radio-Canada (MRC) set to begin and occupancy scheduled for early 2020, the CBC/Radio-Canada Heritage Management Committee today announced a number of concrete measures aimed at identifying, preserving and showcasing the heritage artefacts in the existing building.

Props, furniture and sets
Over the next few weeks, the Committee will be identifying heritage artefacts in its inventory of some 55,000 props, furniture and sets. It will call on CBC/Radio-Canada production personnel to determine which items have heritage value. They will work in teams, relying on their expertise and memories to identify heritage artefacts associated with programs that have a special significance in our television broadcasting history. These are defined as objects that both the Corporation and audiences readily associate with programs or series having strong symbolic value. Items identified as not having heritage value will subsequently be appraised. The goal is to give them a second life. A variety of scenarios are currently under review, and decisions will be made public as soon as they are reached.

Artworks and music scores
At the same time, the Heritage Management Committee is continuing to analyze the collections in the existing MRC, including music scores and in situ artworks (i.e., works that are integral to the building’s structure). In the latter case, the Committee will work with the Centre de conservation du Québec, along with artists, to evaluate the feasibility of moving certain works to the new MRC.

As for the music scores, the Committee will be looking into the best way to conserve them and ensure they remain accessible for program purposes. In selecting an institution to preserve the scores, the Committee will consider the following criteria: preservation expertise, reliability, stability, ease of access, and ability to preserve the entire collection.

In a second phase, the Committee will turn its attention to other collections, such as records, books and periodicals.

This process, which is being conducted responsibly and in consultation with Library and Archives Canada, is a significant undertaking aimed at preserving CBC/Radio-Canada’s heritage in Montreal, so as to ensure a lasting legacy as the Corporation embarks on a new chapter in its history.

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