Follow the progress of the new MRC worksite

Have fun following the progress of the new MRC worksite.
Explore the site in detail via informative imagery, and see answers to some intriguing questions.

The new MRC worksite is changing rapidly: there’s something new to see every day! Have a look at the latest view from our live cam.


And here’s an overview of the work scheduled over the next few weeks:

Water supply and sewage systems

  • For six weeks beginning November 22, work will be done on Viger St. to install new water infrastructure. As a result, two traffic lanes will be reduced and the garage access ramp will be closed. Technical Store trucks will be temporarily relocated.
  • Water infrastructure work along René-Lévesque Blvd. is continuing.
  • In early December, in compliance with the municipal by-law, large rainwater catchment basins will be installed underneath the docking area on the Papineau Ave. side. These basins will ensure gradual discharging of rainwater into the storm sewers, to prevent excess runoff into the city’s treatment plants.


Central Equipment Room (CER)

Installation of the structural steel and prefab concrete slabs for the exterior cladding of the CER is in progress, and the walls should be complete very soon. The roof structure will be added over the next two weeks.


Thermal plant

  • Around November 22, huge chillers will be delivered to the site and hoisted into position in the thermal plant (see location on the worksite photo). These key components of the ventilation system, weighing almost 16,000 kg (35,000 lb) each, are basically giant air conditioners.
  • On December 18, don’t miss the delivery of the water towers and their installation onto the roof of the thermal plant. These are also components of the new MRC’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, complementary to the chillers and just as massive.


North and south blocks of the new MRC

  • Formwork for the two blocks’ structural concrete slabs is progressing. Once this is complete, the Level 1 (ground floor) slab will be poured, and the buildings will gradually take shape.

Have a look at the webcam imagery of the worksite, updated every two hours. As you can see, work is moving ahead quickly these days, and the walls are starting to come together. And – good news – so far, everything is on schedule.


Some fun questions . . . and the answers

How tall are the cranes?
Around 55 m (180 ft).

How long does it take to assemble a crane?
A day. There are two on the site.

How many tonnes of concrete are needed?
Concrete isn’t calculated in tonnes, but in cubic metres. We’re using around 30,000 m3 (which is 30,000,000 litres, or 6,600,000 gallons).

How many workers are on the site?
During the peak construction period, there will be around 450 workers.

How many workdays are involved?
The work began in August 2017 and will continue until December 2019. That represents 580 workdays and around 1,000,000 person-hours.

What is the main building material?
The structures of the buildings are in concrete, with steel to a lesser degree. The cladding will be glass (a curtain-wall design).

How many nails will be used?
None. We’re using screws.:-)