Radio-Canada’s Heritage Props, Artifacts and Furnishings to be Preserved for Posterity

View from René-Lévesque Boulevard, looking across Papineau Square. Credit: Broccolini

Thursday, April 5, 2018 – Radio-Canada is proud to announce that the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City will preserve many of the heritage props and furnishings associated with memorable Radio-Canada programs for posterity.

Radio-Canada’s programming teams drew on their knowledge and expertise to identify and trace the history of props, artifacts and furnishings that could be regarded as having heritage value. Curators at the Musée de la civilisation will soon make their final selection of the heritage props, artifacts and furnishings to round out the collection of Radio-Canada heritage costumes already preserved at the museum. Details on the selected items will be released at a later date.

In the next months, Radio-Canada will be calling on other Canadian museums that may be interested in preserving antique furnishings, artifacts and props that have been used in various Radio-Canada productions over the years and that may have heritage or historical value.


Radio-Canada is also issuing a call for interest for its inventory of some 55,000 non-heritage props and furnishings today with a view to giving them a second life. Educational and cultural institutions, non-profit organizations with a social mission and businesses specializing in second-hand goods and furnishings have until April 19, 2018, to express their interest. The call for interest form is available now at Radio-Canada will reserve the right to donate the inventory to one or more interested institutions and will consider any factor that it deems to be in its best interest and that of Canadians.


Radio-Canada will also be issuing a call for interest in the near future to find a Canadian institution able to preserve the roughly 119,000 unique titles on vinyl records in its possession. Further calls for interest will be launched in the coming year for duplicate vinyl records and CDs, as well as books and periodicals.

Experts from the Centre de conservation du Québec are continuing the study of 10 in situ artworks to determine which ones might be moved. The other artworks (roughly 290) will go into temporary storage during the move to the new Maison de Radio-Canada (MRC) and be gradually installed in the new broadcast centre.

An initial call for interest issued in January 2018 to preserve Radio-Canada’s entire collection of 113,000 commercial music scores comprising some 46,000 titles will be concluded soon. Radio-Canada is also in discussions with Library and Archives Canada regarding the preservation of the 4,000 handwritten scores in its possession.

In preparation for the move to the new MRC slated for 2020, the responsible management process for Radio-Canada’s collections and inventory of props and furnishings is being spearheaded by the Corporation’s Heritage Management Committee in consultation with Library and Archives Canada.