MRC in the neighbourhood

CBC/Radio-Canada cares about the vitality of the Montreal neighbourhood of which it has been part for nearly fifty years now. As soon as plans for a new Maison de Radio-Canada began to be discussed in 2006, the public broadcaster set up a transition committee to ensure ongoing dialogue with key organizations in the neighbourhood. That committee has become the preferred forum for consultation, information and discussions among those groups and CBC/Radio-Canada.

List of groups represented on the Committee

After the agreements are signed and transactions finalized with Groupe Mach and Broccolini, a consultative committee will be created, with representation from the two promoters, the borough of Ville-Marie, neighbourhood organizations, and CBC/Radio-Canada.


In 2009, the City of Montreal and CBC/Radio-Canada ratified a development agreement aimed at revitalizing the property that the Corporation currently occupies in the borough of Ville-Marie.

The agreement, which will be transferred to Broccolini and Groupe Mach, calls for mixed-use development including social and community housing, affordable housing, and green spaces. The final development plan will be the subject of discussions between the promoter and the City, and will ultimately require approval from the borough of Ville-Marie.