Data sheet



418,000 rentable sq. ft.

One seven-storey block
One four-storey block
2,227 workstations in multipurpose spaces, including a number of shared workstations*
One four-storey atrium-style collaborative space
Central Equipment Room (CER) and technical support spaces
“Radio-Canada” public square
Two patios (on roof of each block)
Equivalent to Silver LEED certification

*This figure doesn’t include maintenance, Network Operations Centre (NOC) and technical support spaces.


TV (Non-News)

One large, modern, versatile TV studio (equivalent to the current Studio 42)
One TV studio on ground floor
One open multiplatform space on ground floor
One multipurpose room on 7th floor (equivalent to the current Jean-Despréz Room)
Two conventional production control rooms
Multiple production support rooms (dressing/makeup/hairdressing rooms, production room)

TV (News)

One studio on ground floor
Production sets on 2nd floor: on the walkway, in the Atrium (CBC and Radio-Canada), and six additional smaller sets
Four automated control rooms
10 editing suites
Space for graphic design team


Two studios on ground floor
One recording and creative production studio (ground floor)
Three studios and eight booths on 4th floor
One studio and two booths for Radio News
Two studios for CBC Radio


18 editing suites + 5 editing suites for presentation
Three sound mixing studios
One voiceover and sound editing studio
One room with two ingest and file processing stations

Daycare centre (with outdoor play area)
Employee co-op
200-seat café (with outdoor patio)
Kitchenettes on all floors
418 indoor bicycle parking spaces
At least 94 outdoor bicycle parking spaces
Showers and change rooms for employees (six showers in each change room)
500 lockers for technicians
Activity room (including for fitness classes)
250 indoor parking spaces for cars (including corporate fleet vehicles)
Proximity to public transit (bus and metro lines)

Updated : 11 September, 2018