Find out where unreleased details with respect to amenities of the new Maison de Radio-Canada.

Where will we eat, where will we park our bikes? Where will the Activity Room and the Health Office be located? Here are the answers.

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Overall Floor Plan

Main Entrance: 1000 Papineau Ave. – Will have a secure drop-off area.

Place de Radio-Canada: It will be located at the corner of Alexandre-de-Sève St. and René-Lévesque Blvd. It will be a green space with bike parkings places to sit and the ability to host events. One of the studios opens onto the park.

North Patio: The patio located on Level 7 of the North Block will provide a stunning view of the city. It will be accessible to employees (e.g. during lunch time) and guests and will be available to host events. The multifunction room opens onto the patio.

South Patio: The South Block patio will be accessible from Level 4. Adjacent to a green roof, it will offer a great view of the St. Lawrence River and Jacques Cartier Bridge. It will be accessible to employees (e.g. during lunch time).

Green Roof: It will be adjacent to the South Block patio, but will have access for maintenance purposes.

Daycare: Located at the corner of Papineau and Viger on Level 2 of the Central Equipment Room Buidling, it will have a secure drop-off area. 80 spots, with priority going to children of CBC/Radio-Canada employees. The children will have a play area on their dedicate outdoor roof terrace.

Daycare Outdoor Patio: The children will have a play area on the outdoor patio.


Level 1 - Atrium

Co-op: The CBC/Radio-Canada employee Co-op will be located in the Food Area. Co-op administrators are currently consulting with members of the food services task force to try to determine the best possible offering.

Food Area: There will be seating for about 418 people on the ground floor and mezzanine level. A variety of outdoor amenity spaces (North and South), Place de Radio-Canada and a patio area with tables on the Papineau side will also be available. Laberge Services Alimentaires (LSA) has been chosen to run the cafeteria in the new Maison de Radio-Canada. The dynamic young company impressed the selection committee with its engaging “Eat, Share, Enjoy” vision, its focus on providing healthy, quality food, as well as its eco-friendly ethos and use of technology.

Reception Desk: The reception desk will be located prominently in the centre of the Atrium, on the north side. The public coat check for visitors will be adjacent to the reception area.


Level 0 - Basement

Activity Room: A 800 square feet room will be used for multi-purpose activities such as the fitness classes currently run by the ACS. It will be located adjacent to the showers and change rooms. A committee will be set up to think about the development of fitness and and wellness activities which could be offered in the new MRC. A cross-functional employee committee made recommendations to the ACS Board of Directors. The association plans to communicate its choices to its users in the spring 2020.

Showers and Change Rooms: There will be nine showers in each change room (men’s and women’s).

Bicycle Parking: A dedicated entrance and ramp for cyclists on the Alexandre-de-Sève St. side will lead to the secured indoor bike parking. It will house around 418 indoor spots in the basement. Outdoor racks will also be available at Place de Radio-Canada and around the new MRC.

Health Office: The Disability Management administrative office will be located on Level 6 in the North Block, while the doctor’s and nurse’s consultation rooms will be on Level 0. It will be easily accessible from the parking and the elevator leading to level 0.

Employee Lockers: Five hundred lockers will be available to everyone, with some being prioritarily assigned to technicians. Employees will not have dedicated permanent personal lockers. A system will be set up to assign lockers for daily use.

ATM: Operated by National Bank, the ATM machine will be located next to the Café, near the main entrance on Papineau St.. Full financial services will not be available on site.

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