Heritage management

In spring 2016, CBC/Radio-Canada announced the establishment of the Heritage Management Committee, tasked with, among other things, recommending the most promising options for the preservation and showcasing of the public broadcaster’s Montreal-based collections of artworks, music scores and props. The Committee is supported by Raymond Montpetit, a museologist recognized for his expertise in heritage management.

The artworks collection
Over the years CBC/Radio-Canada has acquired many works of art, including paintings and in situ creations (i.e., works that are integral to the structure of the existing Maison de Radio-Canada). With assistance from experts, the Committee is looking at whether some of these in situ works can be moved, or whether other ways can be found to preserve or document them. The Corporation is working with the designers of the new MRC to assess how certain works might find a home in the new building. To this end, the Committee will be contacting and collaborating with the artists and rightsholders.

Other collections
The Heritage Management Committee is also reviewing the other CBC/Radio collections that have heritage value, including:

  • a collection of music scores, consisting mostly of commercial scores and also including manuscripts by Canadian composers and arrangers;
  • furniture, props and sets used in CBC/Radio-Canada program productions over the years;
  • and records, books, periodicals, and archival documents.

In addition (although this is not directly part of the Committee’s terms of reference), CBC/Radio-Canada is engaged in ongoing discussions regarding preservation and management of its extensive audio and video archives.