A creative hub for Canadian French-language media and digital production, Montreal’s Maison de Radio-Canada has long been a beacon of culture and technology.

On November 22, 2016, CBC/Radio-Canada’s Board of Directors approved the Maison de Radio-Canada redevelopment project, selecting the proposal of Broccolini for the construction of the new broadcast centre and that of Groupe Mach for the acquisition of the current MRC site. The Government signed off on the project on April 13, 2017.

Construction of the new Maison de Radio-Canada should be completed by late 2019. Site revitalization work will begin only after Radio-Canada moves into its new facility in early 2020.

The project has two components:


The new Maison de Radio-Canada, located at the corner of René-Lévesque Blvd. and Papineau Ave., is at the heart of this ambitious revitalization plan. The creators and programmers it houses will enjoy a dynamic, stimulating living environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. The new MRC will become a showcase for the public broadcaster, with open, welcoming and inviting public spaces, both for visitors and the employees who work there every day.

Construction of the new MRC will be carried out by Broccolini.
Data sheet of the new MRC.


Located at the foot of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the Radio-Canada site redevelopment project is going forward in a burgeoning neighbourhood. The revitalization of the block currently occupied by Radio-Canada calls for mixed-use development, including social and community housing, affordable housing, and green spaces. The Groupe Mach proposal also favours reconnecting certain streets to promote greater integration with the rest of the neighbourhood. The Radio-Canada tower will be preserved under the plan, but converted for new use.

The site revitalization work will be carried out by Groupe Mach.