Key players


Construction of the new Maison de Radio-Canada (MRC) will be carried out by Société en commandite La Nouvelle Maison, led by Broccolini. This limited partnership is made up of the following four companies:

Broccolini. Broccolini is a leading provider of construction and real-estate development services. Over the past ten years, the company has overseen development and construction of nearly four million square feet of office space. Broccolini is also the promoter-builder behind the L’Avenue project in Montreal, which will become the city’s tallest mixed-use residential/commercial building.

Béïque Legault Thuot Architectes (BLTA). Boasting vast expertise in commercial real estate, BLTA has designed nearly two million square feet of office space over the past decade, and contributed to several large-scale projects, mostly in the city centres of Montreal and Ottawa. BLTA stands out for its extensive knowledge of Montreal’s built environment and specific characteristics. The firm has been part of several projects incorporating sustainable development principles.

Dupras Ledoux ingénieurs. Dupras Ledoux is an engineering firm acclaimed for creativity, service quality and the ability to remain at the leading edge of industry practice. Its team of consulting engineers employs a design approach that includes a commitment to sustainability, ensuring minimum energy use and mitigating environmental impacts, all while maximizing comfort for building occupants and the quality of their environment. Among other achievements, the firm designed the electrical and mechanical systems for Cirque de Soleil’s “O” performance venue in Las Vegas, as well as the systems serving the vast glass structures in the atrium of the Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec headquarters in Montreal.

Quadrangle Architects Limited. The Quadrangle architecture firm’s portfolio includes a great many specialty projects, from the Rogers Broadcast Centre to both phases of the CHUM Ltd. media company headquarters, as well as buildings for Corus Entertainment and Deluxe Media.

Broccolini, BLTA and Dupras Ledoux have worked together in the past, notably on development and execution of the L’Avenue project. Broccolini also collaborated with BLTA to build the headquarters of Export Development Canada in Ottawa, and with Dupras Ledoux on an office development for Merck Canada.


Béïque Legault Thuot Architectes (BLTA):
Dupras Ledoux ingénieurs:
Quadrangle Architects Limited:


Revitalization work on the existing site will be carried out by Groupe Mach. It will cover the block currently occupied by Radio-Canada in Montreal’s Ville-Marie borough, to the west of the extension of Alexandre-De-Sève St. (Discover this revitalization project called Quartier des Lumières.)

Groupe Mach is one of the leading players in the Quebec real estate industry and one of the largest office building owners in Montreal and Quebec City. It develops or redevelops sites and matures them, respecting practical and realistic objectives by associating with experienced partners such as Provencher Roy. These sites become, thanks to wise management, generators of new jobs and services to the community.

Groupe Mach is characterized by its strategic vision, expertise and know-how. Its desire to reconcile technical, economic, social and environmental imperatives makes him a rigorous, responsible and honest developer and manager.

For nearly 17 years, it has been working on the composition of a prestigious and well-balanced real estate portfolio covering all sectors of activity. It includes several Quebec jewels such as the Sun Life Building, the CIBC Tower and the Montreal Stock Exchange Tower. It currently holds 17 million square feet.

With several properties certified BOMA Best or LEED, it fulfills its promise to participate in the collective effort for sustainable development and intends to continue in this way by aiming at the highest standards of the industry.


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